Cuarteto para Piano. Concierto en clown mayor

Theater Clown
Cuarteto para Piano. Concierto en clown mayor. Script: Rotonda Teatro. Characters: Maria del Mar Taulés, María Ruiz-Larrea, Raquel Rives. Music: Marc Teitler. Assistant director: Piero Partigianoni. Scenery and costumes: Rotonda Teatro.

Cuarteto para Piano
The idea of the show comes from a small daily tragedy, a leak room. Mixing fact and fiction, poetry and humor, the characters (3 clowns) take this apparently easily remedied situation to the grotesque, finding themselves immersed in a world where music guides actions and emotions and where anything can happen: torrential rains, floods, attempted suicide, gambling, murders, skirmishes and all kinds of hilarious situations.

Rotonda Teatro
Rotonda Teatro makes absurd, playful and comedic theatre. Consisting of three clowns and a composer, the company devises the movement and music in unison creating side-splitting situational comedy with original cinematic soundtracks. Drawing on influences from silent film to catalan clowning master Josep Pincu (author of best-selling books Am I an accountant who dreamt he was a clown, or a clown who dreamt he was an accountant? and how many clowns does it take to change a light bulb) their work is fucking brilliant, ok.

Sunday 17.10 at 21:00


Free entrance

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