Birchwood Edge

Program Ausstellung
Birchwood Edge. 5 procedures for measuring interior spaces: an unspoken mystery.
1. Dome - 3 minutes
2. Reflections - 3 minutes
3. The stone - 3 minutes
4. Corner, light and shadows - 3 minutes
5. Wood - 3 minutes

Produced and concept: Raffaella Galdi and Carlos Bustamante.
Choreography and dance: Raffaella Galdi.
Sound: Alexander Sieber.
Video: Carlos Bustamante.
Recorded in April and July 2009, in Braunschweig and Berlin.
Supported by artblau Tanzwerkstatt.

Birchwood Edge, is a video dance installation, presented with five monitors, grew from the idea of using the same dance phrase (same dancer and same costume) in different spaces, in order to observe how the perception of the same element can change in relation to different contexts.

Sketch for the SpukKommune. Dance video (work in progress).

Video: Carlos Bustamante
Music: Alexander Sieber
Choreography and dance: Raffaella Galdi
Produced by Carlos Bustamante, Alexander Sieber and Raffaella Galdi.
Recorded in July 2009 and May 2010, in Berlin

Raffaella Galdi was born in Italy and lives in Berlin. Raffaella is a choreographer, a dancer and a teacher. Her choreographic exploration often returns to the concept of the personality-identity occupying the space. She uses improvisation to discover movement material and as a working method to create instant choreography. Raffaella choreographed and danced the solo Legna, the performanceinstallation Ugo and the dance performance MODES of locomotion. Relations is her latest choreography commissioned by the Theater Vorpommern in Greifswald. Raffaella is in the residence program at the artblau - Tanzwerkstatt in Braunschweig and and she is regularly teaching contemporary dance (release alignment technique) in Studio LaborGras and Tanzfabrik, Berlin.

Carlos Bustamante comes from Mexico and lives in Berlin. Carlos is a filmmaker, photographer and cinematographer. His recent short experimental videos include Westwind (2001), Von der Magie zur Kinematographie (2003), Adelbert’s Dilemma (2007) and Wohl und Wehe (2008). From 1989 to 2006 he was Professor in the Theory of Audio-Visual Design and Realization at the Institute for Timebased Media, University of the Arts Berlin. He has contributed essays to Griffithiana, Moving Images: From Edison to the Webcam, Cinéma sans frontièrs 1896-1918 and Film History.

Alexander Sieber was born in Germany and lives in Berlin. He have been studying sound at the UDK Berlin. As a composer and sound-designer he provides music for theater, films and dance.

Opening: 10.06 at 19:00
Exhibition: 10.06 until 12.06 at 18:00-23:00
Projection Sketch for the SpukKommune: 10.06 until 12.06 at 21:00 and 22:00


Free entrance

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