Colpo al cuore

Program Autofokus
Colpo al cuore -morte non accidentale di un monarca, 2010. Italien. A documentary film by Teleimmagini. Italian with English subtitles.

Colpo al cuore -morte non accidentale di un monarca
, is a not usual historic documentary. The interviews and the analysis of the movie have two different directions. The first is to go over Gaetano Bresci’s life and the regicide of Umberto I with the clear intention to speak about this character, forgotten by the history books, and to analyze the hard Italian context in umbertian age. The other is the political analysis of the act: the will to redemption, the individual action beyond the propaganda act, the impossibility to stay unarmed in front of cruel injustices. An action that we can contextualize also in our time, beyond kings and powerful men. An action lives in everyone who has, as Bresci had, the revolutionary strength to say ‘that’s enough’ and to overthrow a symbol.

Teleimmagini is a media activist's from a collective born in Bologna (Italy) in 2000 to implement the social communication from below, to share technological resources and knowledge’s with the ones who see themselves never represented in the media horizon. The mission of Teleimmagini is to link the audiovisual practices with the self-organization of people and groups who interact socially and politically with the territories they belong to. Through the networking practice Teleimmagini left Bologna creating a collaboration within an italian and interational level with different media activists groups and NGOs in different countries in Europe and South America, during the last 10 years. Among partnerships and projects in which Teleimmagini is directly engaged we find:,,,, Espera...espera bio-producciones in Cuba; a part of the cooperation in the implementation of local communities' independent media in Venezuela and in conflicted areas in Colombia with the NGO Peace Observatory.

A talk with one of the Teleimmigini's members will take place after the film.

Friday 18.06 at 21:00


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