Cine Zoo and Modern Arsch Museum

Friday 2 of November 2011 at 21:00 in basement of Rauchhaus

SpukKlang Program
Die SpukKommune is proud to present Cine Zoo and Modern Arsch Museum, a delicious musical aperitif to prepare the 40 Hausgeburtstag Rauchhaus of next week. Come and quench your ears!!!

CINE ZOO. Zoo Interior (Universe And Beyond) and Zoo Exterior(Microorganisms)
Once upon a space, deep in vacuum times of outer sound universe, fragments of infinite memories were gathering, compressing, reaching a boiling point, creating a Big Sound Quake. It exploded and diffused memories in nano dissipated fragments, displacing them through space-time continuum. Cinezoo is on quest to find valuable fragments that will help them to rediscover lost scattered stories hidden within memories.
Cinezoo are dynamic duo, group consisting of video/sound artist/performer Joao Bento and sound designer/composer/sound director Vladimir Rakic. Aside from colaborating in differrent artistic disciplines (theater, film, game, installations), Cinezoo is pure musical project, investigating borders of sound storytelling.
Visual Music? Non – Music? Cinema for Blind? All that together and more? Or none at all?

João Bento
João Bento (1980) Portugal, lives in Berlin and Montemor-o-Novo. Since 2004 compose and perform sound for performances, experimental films and video live acts ( The work articulates analog instruments and amplified sound objects, used in multimedia/multidisciplinary context. Graduated in Visual Arts at ESAD, Caldas da Rainha /Portugal. Trained improvised music with the musician Greg Moore and Theremin with Pamela Kurstin.

Vladimir Rakic
Vladimir Rakic (1974) lives in Amsterdam, Holland and he is active as composer and performer in a field of electro-acoustic music. His work has gone through different phases from tape collages&manipulations until now where he explores improvised music/ instant composition through self-generated digital music, virtual circuit-bending, noise, location recordings, live sampling in the context of live cinema, performance art, sound
instalations. Graduated in 2005 at Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht applied music composition and electro-acoustic composition. Member of sensesurgery.

Almost all in one. Ganz frisch!!!! Action music, experimental comedy, something like improvisation: Presque rien / Mais que nada and a lot of etcéteras. Ma sehen tomorrow, aber in this moment Modern Arsch Museum are: Angela Cory (Saxophon, Voice, Action), Eduard Mont de Palol (Guitarre, Action), Jose Manuel García (Percussion, Action) and Nilo Gallego (Percussion, Action).

Nilo Gallego
Nilo Gallego has performed in all kinds of spaces, such as "Pigmeus do Mondego" (sound action at the Mondego river), "Amanecer desde Montolivet" and "Fuera de la fábrica Beta" (site-especific), "Felipe vuelve a casa con las ovejas sonando" (sheep concert with shepherd Felipe Quintana), "Canción de éxito mundial" (participatory sound action), "Te invito a un chino" (experimental performance with kanito and Oscar de Paz), "Concierto de megáfonos y sirenas" and "Concierto aspirador" (with Pablo Rega), "Homenaje Cage" (with Markus Breuss), etc. Group projects include "Yavestruz comoandamios parecementerio" (experimental music and action in public spaces), and "Taller espontáneo de pequeñas nadas" (street actions), the collective "Fora do tempo" (field actions) and musical performance groups "Ciegas con Pistola", "Siempre por Detroit" and "Blinden mit Pistolen". He has worked with the "La Danaus" street theatre company, choreographers Olga Mesa, Martine Pisani, Amalia Fernandez, Marisa Amor and Elena Alonso, contemporary theatre directors Rodrigo García, Carlos San Martín and Tomás Aragay, and documentary filmmaker Chus Domínguez. He has improvised music with musicians or dancers such as Patricia Lamas, Africa Navarro, Chefa Alonso, Gunter Heinz, Vanesa Mackness and Wade Matthews; and been a member of the bands Dadajazz (freejazz) and Los Nadie. He teaches sound workshops for children and adults.

José Manuel García
José García was born in Malaga (1978) and today he lives in Berlin. His music, his sound, is based, although not only, in the plastic manipulation of the sonorous information that surrounds me. Million Bass lines, fragments of piano and of any instrument improvisations, accumulations of voices, subjects of the popular classic repertoire, of the historicist academy, ambient sounds and experimental sounds, everything can be deconstructed in samplers, units of loop, to compose a new mass, latent in the present. García musical language does not own the abstraction of the forms of a score, lives in the concrete of the recorded sound, in the basic electronics and in the digital edition by tracks. In a concert, the fragmentation rearticulates in accumulations, repetitions and silences, in a session of sonorous syncretism.


Free entrance

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