Lack of Words is Nature

Lack of Words is Nature. Featuring Le Immagini di Vetro Project. Music: VaNa MaZi. Dance: Barbara Toraldo. Approx: 50 min.

Lack of Words is Nature
Lack of Words is Nature is a live experimental performance: an interaction of Images, Words, Sound and Dance. Inspired by Truth and Symbol from Karl Jaspers. As an example of collective creativity, originally developed around the question: is language the first comunication media?
Live experimental performance.

Immagini di Vetro Project
Immagini di Vetro Project was born in 2007, by an idea of Giulia Spugnoli and Mario Stagi, as research about performing with different semantic forms, to show the creative and communicative experience in the art process. Words, signs, vision, sounds, light, symbols, materials and colours in a new compositive logic. The result is a very colorful sychedelic projection and crazy electronic soundtrack.

VaNa MaZi
Progressive Nomadic folk music from asia minor, central and southern europe played around the world by Ian J. Everett (guitar, vocals, and tsouras) and Corinne L. Zappler (viola).

Barbara Toraldo
Barbara Toraldo is a southern italian performer currently based in Berlin. She started experiencing movement in 2000 with African dance and Ballet. In 2004/05 she attended the “dance theater atelier” in the Scuola de Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan. In 2006 she moves to Berlin where she meets contact danceand Butho. From this moment on her focus shifts spontaneously towards improvisation. Her performances are mainly with live music and reference to the influence of senses, subconscious and abstract images.

Saturday 18.09 at 21:00


Free entrance

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